How to Maturely Handle A Break-Up

1) REALIZATION:  If your mate says its over.  Respect the decision and take time to reflect on the relationship.
2)  FORWARD MARCH:  Moving on requires that you continue to focus on life.  Continue to function daily while feeling sadness.  Don’t stay in sadness too long as it’ll prevent you from marching into your happy place emotionally.
3)  DON’T BE ANNOYING:  Do not call your ex’s phone incessantly.  Doing this will annoy the person to the point that they’ll either blocks your calls or changes their number.
4) DON’T STALK:  Do not wait at the gym, work, home or any other place that your ex frequents in hopes of seeing or speaking with them.  This is a major turn-off and will only push him / her further away from you.  It can force them into getting a restraining order against you.
5) YOU’RE NOT SANTA:  Do not send gifts to your ex.  This makes you seem desperate.  Trying to lure a person with gifts may work temporarily but not long-term in sustaining a healthy relationship.
6)  SAVE YOURSELF:  If the relationship is over then you shouldn’t have sex with your ex.  This complicates the situation and can become emotionally confusing for you both.  Save yourself for yourself or for your next lover.
7)  NO FIGHTING:  Do not allow yourself to get into altercations verbally or physically with your ex’s new lover.  This make you seem immature and jealous.  This can also lead to serious legal issues.
8)  NO DISCUSSIONS:  If you and your ex have mutual friends / family, don’t converse with them regarding the relationship.  This will keep you in a state of sadness or depression.  It will stagnate your healing process.  It’ll also make way for gossip.
9)  REMOVE MEMORIES:  Remove any reminders of the person from your space.  The old adage “Out of Sight; Out of Mind” really does work.
10)  TIME:  Another old adage that reigns true is “Time Heals All Wounds”.  Give yourself time to heal from the relationship and the break-up.  The more time that passes typically the better you feel.  Do not immediately jump into another relationship.  Chances are you’ll bring the bad baggage from the past relationship into the new one.

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