LIFE: This is a test, this is only a test….

Let me begin by saying that YOU ARE AMAZING!  You have the potential to be the most incredible person of our time.  Even if no one has ever told you before, I want you to know that you are valuable and you have a purpose.  Now let me ask you this…..what if your life ended tomorrow?  Morbid thinking, right?  But hear me out please.  Hypothetically speaking, what if after life in the next sequence of events, you heard the words “That was a test, that was only a test of your life’s broadcasting system on earth”.

Next you encounter an angel guarding the road leading to paradise.  The angel is holding a life-size projector screen and a high-definition digital camera instead of a book of names.  The angel then transfers the details of your life from the camera onto the screen.  You review that you’ve lived a life which was conniving, sorrowful, stagnate, hateful, abusive, uninspiring and unforgiving.  Afterwards the angel projects the life you could have had if you’d reached your fullest potential.

Imagine seeing the life you were purposed to have as being lavish with riches beyond your imagination.  What if it showed you being the greatest inventor or most powerful positive leader of your era?   What if it displayed you in a long-lasting loving relationship with happiness and positivity encircling you like a warm blanket?  What if it showed you being the most beautiful and highly intelligent person of your time?  What if it showed you having love for mankind and doing great works for others?  What if it showed you traveling to unknown lands?  What if it portrayed you being in good health until the day you died?  What if your past life didn’t even scratch the surface of how you could have lived?

Lastly;  the angel says “Based on the evidence of the life you lived, I cannot allow you onto this road.  The Creator has granted me discernment and given me this screen and camera.  Because of the existential proof provided, I have to direct you down the road on the left.  At the end of that road is a harsher life than the one you just lived”.  The angel then explains that you became the judge of your past life once you came of age to make decisions on the basis of free-will.  Based on the way you lived and judged yourself in the past, you alone judged your future.  Imagine how despaired, sorrowful and regretful your soul would feel.

No human is perfect.  We all make mistakes along our journey; we all need help and guidance along the way.  Although we truly don’t know what the afterlife holds, my wish for myself, you and for everyone is that we do our best to live up to our fullest most amazing potential while on earth.  We have a born right and the power within us to be great today and for the remainder of our existence.  No one can take that away from us but ourselves.  Live & Love Well.


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