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With Ghana as an African exporter of peanuts, it is no wonder that they’ve combined peanuts with plentiful fowl in this delicious soup.

4-6 lbs. chicken – cut into sections, 2 medium onions – chopped, 4 medium tomatoes,        1 3/4 cups of peanut butter, 2 fresh red peppers or ground red pepper to taste, 12 cups of water

Brown chicken and onions in a large saucepan until golden.  Salt to taste.  Add just enough cold water to cover the chicken and add tomatoes.  Bring to a boil; lower heat and simmer for 15 minutes.  Remove tomatoes, scoop out the pulp from the tomato skins, and add pulp to the hot stock from saucepan.  Mix the peanut butter into a smooth cream with the hot stock.  Pour this creamed paste into the saucepan and add water and pepper.  Season to taste.  Cook slowly until the oil rises to the top of the soup.  If chicken becomes tender and fully cooked before the oil rises, remove chicken to prevent it from disintegrating; return the chicken to the pot once the soup is completely cooked.  Serves 6

Typically my family adds a variety of other meats to this soup along with the chicken.  If your family cooks a variation of this recipe, please share in the comments section.  Thanks and enjoy.

2 thoughts on “GROUNDNUT SOUP (Peanut Soup)

    1. Hello there, This soup can be made without the peanuts and will be just as delicious. The peanuts give it a unique taste and thickens the soup. Instead of the peanut butter use corn starch or flour. Season to taste with a beef or chicken Maggi cube and other seasonings of your choice.


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