SPINACH STEW Recipe, A Wholesome Ghanaian Specialty

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4 lbs. stewing beef, 2 cups of palm oil, traditional cooking oil or shortening, 2 lbs. fresh spinach, 2 lbs. fresh collard greens, 6 medium onions – sliced, 3 medium-sized fresh fish (porgies, rockfish or red snapper) – optional, 4 medium tomatoes, 3-4 eggs, 1 cup water, 2 tsp. red cayenne pepper.

Wash and cut up stewing beef; sprinkle with a little salt and onion powder.  In a pan, add just enough water to cover and boil for 1-2 hours until tender.  Slice tomatoes and onions; wash spinach and collard greens and boil until soft (10-20 minutes).  Strain leaves and keep the liquid.  Lightly grind / mash seeds of tomatoes and the greens (spinach & collards) using a food processor.  If fish is desired, clean and cut into reasonable pieces, season with a little onion salt and oil; bake in a slow cooker for 20 minutes on high.  Brown beef and fish in hot oil together with onions and tomatoes. Add mashed tomato seeds and greens, fried ingredients and a small amount of liquid from leaves.  Add eggs and beat lightly.  Add pepper and a pinch of salt to taste.  Simmer slowly for roughly 45 minutes.  Stir occasionally.  Serve hot with cooked white rice, boiled potatoes or spaghetti.

Serves 8

My mother makes a great variation of this recipe using chicken only.   Some cooks add whole crabs.  Please share any suggestions or variations for this delicious stew.

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