The Matter: National Security or An Invasion of Privacy

For many years we’ve all been aware that “big brother” is watching.  As technology advances, so does our desire to have the latest gadgets and conveniences.  We should all be made aware that we are being monitored by private companies along with city, state and local government.

Ever wonder how restaurants know what foods to advertise or where to place their new location?  Large corporations use geographic information systems (GIS) to determine where to build new restaurants. They compare all sorts of data overlays which allow them to see auto traffic, consumer demographics, safety information, commercial mix, and other factors.

Local, state and national government has taken it a step further by cataloging bank and credit card transactions, postal mail transactions, travel itineraries including rental car agreements. Your internet history and phone usage including text messaging is also recorded.  Some may think that deleting information makes it obsolete.  Let us remember that the internet never forgets. Information that is deleted can be retrieved.

Across the United States and other parts of the world, larger cities have already deployed facial recognition software and license plate reading equipment to track all drivers, passengers and walkers.

These advanced monitors are being installed at structurally sensitive points on bridges, tunnels, highways and cross street intersections.  They’ve been and are being applied across major transit hubs including airports, subway, bus and train stations.

Not all citizens embrace these initiatives. Many believe its an invasion of privacy. Others feel that these implementations are necessary in safekeeping our country.

What is your opinion on this matter?

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