What Are We Searching For?

What are we searching for and what is it that we want out of life? There will be different answers to these questions depending on the perspective of the person responding.

Many will say love, some will say fame and fortune.  Some seek spirituality, peace and happiness.  Others will answer equality. There are a multitude of fitting answers.

But what is it that we really seek as humans?  Is it all of the above?  Why do we have an insatiable appetite for possessions and feelings in this life?

My belief is that we are entitled to them all.  I earnestly believe that God has given us the inalienable right and power to possess everything that is good and rightfully ours unequivocally.

Everyone is created with a special talent.  Some of us are born with more than one gift. One must realize and utilize their talent to its fullest extent.  When you harness the power from within by using your brain, your five senses, your talents, intuitions and strength then you’ll begin to acquire each and every one of your entitlements.

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