EXPECTATIONS: What They Expect -vs- What You Expect

Expectations can be a burden and a blessing.  When our family members put high expectations on our lives, it can sometimes hinder our personal development and make us feel pressure to please everyone else but ourselves.  In many cases, they want the best for us.  They want to see us successful and at times they live vicariously through us as we accomplish the things they couldn’t.

This can be unfair and a burdensome load for most.  These expectations make one feel that falling short will make them inadequate.  This can breed feelings of self-doubt, unworthiness, depression and underachievement.  Some may argue that certain individuals need to be pushed by others and this is what truly breeds success.

However, setting self-expectations has an adverse effect.  When life goals are set according to your standards and wants, they seem more attainable.  They provide a sense of purpose and wholeness.  They motivate a person to be accomplished in their our own right.  There is a different feeling of euphoria when you push yourself towards success verses when someone else does.

One must decide whether they’re going to live according to their own ambitions or the expectations of others. You can find completion and achievement in what you aspire to be.  Perhaps down the road your family will also benefit from the life you’ve chosen to live.

For those of us struggling with upholding the expectations of others and the negative feelings that come with it; I want to encourage you to think outside of what others want for you.  Walk your own path and find peace and fulfillment in an environment where happiness an success is bountiful.  I wish you all the best!


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