To Give Or Not To Give?…That Is The Question

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Most of us weren’t born of privilege.  We’ve had to work long and hard for our earnings.  Adulthood is a major responsibility.  It is not easy to manage life, family, your home, taxes, bills, work and everyday expenses.

But now that we’ve arrived, we must face the challenges before us to the best of our ability.  Life’s pressures can become insurmountable.  At times we need financial help.  Most of us have been in situations where we’ve asked someone for help or someone has asked us for help.  No one is immune to the low points in life.  Asking for help and receiving it can be beneficial.

Someone once told me that it is always better to give a hand up than a hand out.  In short, be discretionary when you’re asked for financial help.  Consider the amount, the reason, if you can afford to give and if you should or should not.  Consider whether you’re enabling a situation by putting a band-aid on it or actually healing an issue.

If you’ve learned to respect the dollar by managing your finances then continue to do that.  You’ve come to understand that money should never be taken for granted.  Be proud of what you’ve learned and applied to your life.

Many have not come to the realization that budgeting and saving should be paramount in daily living.  And if you allow them to, those who don’t follow these practices will use you. The taker normally doesn’t consider themselves a user.  In their minds, it’s just a favor. They assume you have the financial means and figure it is your responsibility to give to them for whatever reason.

What they should realize is that you have financial means because you’ve worked hard.  You’re responsible and you make sacrifices when it comes to spending.  You’ve learned that money comes and it goes quickly and that managing it well will keep you afloat in the worst of times.

If you choose to give, then do it from your heart but not out of guilt or pressure.  Don’t allow others to dictate how you’ll handle your monies.  If you continuously give without discretion then one day you just might end up on the asking end of the hand and not the giving end.

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