A Bitter Heart Eats Its Owner

When dealing with issues of the mind, body and spirit, all things begin with the mind.  In order to change anything, you must first change your mind.

  • Realization: Realize that you have a bitter heart that is keeping you from happiness and progression.  Change your mind about how you want to handle your heart.
  • Decisions: Decide that you’re going to deal with your issues head on.  Decide that you deserve happiness and that you’ll be happy.
  • Facing your issues: Delve into the things that have made you a bitter person.  Think about your adolescence, your parents, where you live, your religion, relationships, employment and situations that have hurt you. What are the things you resent?
  • Accountability: Once you pinpoint all of your issues, take accountability for the role you’ve played in your circumstances.  Sometime you have to point a finger at yourself. What have you done to contribute to your unhappiness?
  • Challenge: Take the challenge to heal from your past and release your resentments.  This may require counseling or serious self-help.
  • Commitment: Make a commitment to God and yourself that you will shed the layers of the old you.  Commit to change.
  • Self-Check: When you find yourself doing or thinking in your old ways, combat them by instantly doing or thinking positive.
  • Constructive Criticism: Many times it hard for us to see who we are.  Sometimes it take someone else to call us out on our issues.  Be open to it.
  • Perspective: Change the way you see things.  Everything and everyone is not bad.  The world is not against you.  Find good in things around you.  Change your negative perspectives into positive ones.
  • Your Environment: Place yourself in an environment of positive vibes.  Engage with positive people.  Surround yourself with motivational messages and things that’ll remind you that you’re on a journey in letting go of your bitter heart.

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