You’re All I Need To Get By: The Importance of Emotional Support

I will never forget the feeling of joy and pride when as a little girl I’d see my mother sitting in the audience of my school plays.  I felt that I wanted to perform at my best.  I wanted to show her what I learned.  I wanted to make her proud.  I also remember the times when my mother couldn’t make it because of work or because she’d already taken off too many days to attend my sisters’ performances or to care for us when we were sick.  You see, my mother was a single parent of three.  She had to spread herself thin in order to emotionally support us all in these moments.  As a child I told her I understood her absence, but I didn’t.  If she wasn’t present, I found myself continuously searching for her in the crowd until the performance was over.  It was a very unsettling feeling.  At times I felt worthless.

Today I want to share the importance of supporting your loved ones emotionally.  Not only should we be there for our children and our partners but we should support our siblings, parents, other family members and friends.  Being there for someone shows them that they’re important and worth your time.  Most of us lead very busy lives and cannot always show our support physically. There are other ways to show emotional support such as a phone call of interest or encouragement, a friendly card in the mail, a kind text message or even a Face Book like or comment.  Show someone you care today by spreading love and emotional support.  You never know how your support can impact someone else day or life.  You may be all they need to get by.

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